Making Ideas Come to Life

Our Story

In the early seventies, our President and Chief Engineer, Abraham Abdi, turned an Everyday Target Run into a home run for every day, affordable closet accessories.

His power to turn ideas into designs and final products is a notable part of what gives Merrick its identity.

By designing simple, clean, and all-purpose tubular hangers made right here in the USA, Abraham found a way to bring down cost while improving quality. Lightweight, pull-resistant, with no snagging; the first Merrick hanger was bound to become a household staple.

Abraham’s commitment to investing in the future of high-cavitation molding, ultimately allowed him to double the industry standard of 8-cavities to 16. Today, Merrick machines operate with 96 cavities; an unprecedented and unrivaled capacity.

Premium tooling and devotion to detail are the foundation of what makes Merrick products outshine its competitors.

But we are more than a manufacturer.

We are a family operated business who knows that living better starts at home. We never forget that our closets hold more than our clothes or that our drawers aren’t just for odds and ends. From the bedroom to the kitchen, we know an organized home makes the simple life simpler.

We are proud to design products that help you get there.

In business since 1973, Merrick International is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of a variety of plastic hangers, storage, home goods, and more to the largest retailers in the USA, Canada, and Latin America.

With facilities in Corona, California; Waco, Texas; and Clarksburg, West Virginia; as well as overseas capabilities, any distribution point across North America can be easily and economically accommodated.

Diversified operations allow Merrick to offer a wide variety of domestically and internationally made products. Providing our customers with an all-inclusive item line, Merrick is proud to offer fair and competitive pricing while consistently maintaining a superior level of quality. We proudly make quality products in the United States and service retailers nationwide across discount, home center, grocery, drug, warehouse, and online order channel categories.

Our Core Values


Our team is extremely attentive to all aspects of the business. From new items, to on-time and in-full shipments, we're there for you.


Made right here in the USA, our products are held to American standards that you can rely on.


Merrick is constantly pursuing the latest and very best in plastics. We take initiative in improving designs and developing new products.


Our years of experience have taught us to be flexible. We react quickly and efficiently despite variations in the market.


Continuously investing in new technology, Merrick is always ready for the next level. Grow your business with us.


To our customers, employees, and suppliers – Merrick would not be the corporation it is today without you. We appreciate each and every relationship as it writes to our story.


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