Between Innovation and Quality,
Lies a Heartfelt Design

We diligently design our products and are proud to make them right here in the USA. With your lifestyle in mind, home and space organization is what we thrive for. Exceptional Products that are made to fit your needs with the most competitive prices.



Merrick is constantly pursuing the latest and very best in plastics and injection molding technology.

We develop products with innovative and different features that offer new or additional benefits to your customers. This can involve modification of an existing product or its presentation, or creating an entirely new product that matches a new target market. We take initiative in improving designs and developing new products to provide contemporary and high-demand item styles.

Conceptualizing and designing the product, Initial AutoCAD interactive models, 3D print outs, and final molded product are all in-house capabilities, shortening the lead time from concept to production to instore availability.


We design and engineer the tools that are necessary to manufacture parts or components of new products. With our experienced engineers, the quality of the finished parts, their properties, and the speed and accuracy in which it can be produced is what sets us apart from others.


By evaluating the character, budget and essential components of the product, as well as the needs of the target market, we design the right packaging that builds brand loyalty and stands out on the shelf.

We help create packaging that fit your needs while positively engaging the consumer to increase sales.


Our one of a kind molding technology has allowed us to invest in high-cavitation molding machineries with unprecedented volume capabilities.

Customized robots and state of the art design has made our production ability outshine our competitors.


We are proud to be a manufacturing company right here in the United Sates, making products that are held to American standards for more than 30 years.


Multiple Warehouse Locations

As a supplier to many of the largest retailers in the United States, we excel in high-volume, rapid distribution.

Our strategically placed locations across the country put our customers at an advantage when reacting to market trends and sustaining seasonal lifts in sales. With expansive warehouse space, steady in-stock is a standard to minimizing interruptions in supply.


Working with Retailers Outside of the USA Our experienced sourcing team makes sure our specialty wood, velvet, and chrome hangers and other unique organization items stand up to the highest ethical and quality standards.

You can find trusted Merrick made products across the U.S, Latin America, and Canada. Having an international perspective encourages the continuous growth of our company. We are excited to be able to share this growth with each of our customers.


Inspire major closet envy with hangers fit for every style.

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Must-haves for all occasions from weeknight dinners to seasonal entertainment.

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Clean and simple mix-and-match solutions for every room of the house.

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